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Tips & FAQ's

At Lost Nation we're all about helping you have the best archery experience possible, what better way then to share a little of our knowledge. Don't see what you need? Drop us a line and we'll be sure to give you a hand info@lostnationarchery.com

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Installing whisker string silencers

1. To install cat whiskers begin by laying the silencer along the bow string, with the center of the silencer at the spot in the string where you want the silencer to be. Normally this will be 1/4 to 1/3 of the distance from nock to nock.
2. Wrap a length of string material several times around the silencer and string. Tie it off and place a drop of instant glue on it. Make sure the knot is tight.
3. Pulling one end of the silencer, trim it with scissors, causing the strands to separate.
4. Repeat trimming on the opposite end of the silencer.


How to install fur string silencers

A. To install fur silencers begin by separating the strands of the bow string and pull 1/2” of silencer between the strings.
B. Wrap the long end around the string.
C and D. Continue wrapping until only 1/2” of silencer is left.
Separate the strands of the string and push the remaining 1/2” through. Pull or twist the string tight again and pull on each end of the silencer. This will remove any slack.
It is important to twist the silencer around a flemish twist string the same direction as the string is wound. When you twist the bow string to shorten it, the silencer should get tighter. If the silencer is wound backwards and the string stretches, the silencer will get loose when you twist the string to correct the brace height.

arrows how-to

How to make wood arrows

We make all Lost Nation Archery arrows using the tan gasket and LNA Gasket Lacquer. The first step is to apply stain to the shaft using a soft cloth. Stain dries in two hours or less. Then we place a coat of gasket lacquer on the stained shaft to seal the shaft before applying the crest. After cresting we apply 2 to 3 coats of lacquer. A total of 4 coats produces a high gloss finish which lasts and takes only 20 minutes for a full dozen arrows. This finish will endure hundreds of 3D target shots. However, if you miss the target and hit a rock, the best of all finishes can’t help your arrow.