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Tips & FAQ's

At Lost Nation we're all about helping you have the best archery experience possible, what better way then to share a little of our knowledge. Don't see what you need? Drop us a line and we'll be sure to give you a hand info@lostnationarchery.com


What length of bow should I buy for my draw length?

We often hear this question and it depends on the design of the bow. In general, if your draw length is 28” or longer we recommend recurves of 60” or longer and longbows of 62” or longer. There are ALWAYS exceptions to this rule. When having a bow custom made it is best to talk to us if you have any questions.


What bow should I buy my child?

When buying a longbow or recurve for a child, resist the urge to buy something they have to “work into.” As a child gets bigger, their draw length increases which effectively increases their draw weight as well. We all know kids eventually outgrow everything, but a traditional bow will grow with your child.