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xx75 Easton Legacy Aluminum Shafts

Beautiful wood grain pattern. Available in 6 sizes: 1916, 2016, 2018, 2117, 2216, 2219. Please specify size when ordering. Specify length to back of point for cutting. Free - cut to length and inserts included.





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Carbon arrows are all the rage, they are good arrows. However, when I want the consistency of weight and spine, the tightest of groups, there is no arrow available that can beat an "Easton Arrow", and there is nothing that looks better than "Legacy Shafts" in the quiver of my traditional bows. Spending money on a guided hunt, can be extremely costly. When I go on an important hunt, I want total confidence, these are my arrows of choice. They tune so much easier than wood, or carbon. Unlike wood, and carbon, getting a matched set of arrows, even from dozen to dozen, can be like searching for the "Holy Grail". Not a problem with "Legacy". Because they are on the money, shaft to shaft, I know that they will not be the reason a arrow isn't hitting the mark. In bowhunting, more so in "traditional bowhunting, you have to control the variables that you can. Legacy makes it easier. It will always be my arrow of choice. It has been used to take hogs, deer, small game, and hundreds of 3D victories. If it ain't broken, don't fix it! Choose "Legacy".

Scott Williams

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