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Tapered Premium Port Orford Cedar Shafts

Port Orford Cedar has been the premier choice of arrow woods, especially for traditional archers for many years. It still reigns as the easiest to straighten and keep straight. Shafts are available in two grades: Factory and Premium. Premium - Each shaft is hand-spined and weighed, then grouped in true 5 pound spine increments and 10 grain weight groups. Shafts with excessive grain run-out are culled. These shafts will give you a dozen, matched, high quality arrows which will stay straight with time.
Tapering shafts causes them to be quicker to straighten out in flight, less sensitive to spine differences, and more weight forward.


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I received two dozen cedar shafts, the spine and weight consistency was exceptional. Also POC takes stain very evenly and finish beautiful. It's nice not to have to buy a bulk to get a dozen good shaft. Thanks

Stephen A. Mayne

I need a dozen POC tapered shafts, I had to reduce my bow poundage that I have been shooting for the last 30 years, I need to know what spine do I need for a 40 lb. long bow, center cut, fast flight string, these are strictly for target use. I have been told 45 to 50 and 40 to 45 and 50 to 55, you can see why I am asking you. Thank you, Sincerely, Ron Gooden

Ronald A. Gooden

I bought the tapered shafts and could not be more pleased! they fly perfectly, and I will definitely buy more.

Julia Norris

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