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Side Stalker II

What do you do when your most popular traditional quiver is no longer available? Jack Bowers has retired from producion of his popular Stealth quiver but gave us permission to have the Side Stalker II made locally with the same design. This quiver hangs from a cross shoulder strap that can be used in multiple positions from horizontal to vertical. The broadhead arrows come up, out, and forward in a fluid motion. To keep arrows quiet we’ve added fleece around the top. 19” deep.


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I am interested in the side stalker II. Terrific improvement over Jack's stealth. Does it include the fletching cover?? THanks. justin The fletching cover can be purchased separately. It is not part of the quiver.

justin falon

Larry, Does the quiver come with foam in the bottom where the broadheads go and does it come with a fletch cover? Thanks. justin Justin, The quiver comes with a fleece bottom and no fletch cover. We can cut some foam for you if you like and a fletch cover is available for and extra charge. Larry

justin falon

If you like to still hunt, this quiver is quiet and easy. Larry sold me mine two years ago. great moving through the thick, and arrow to string is possible at close ranges. adjustable. Like any good quiver - you forget it is there until you need it !

J Milo

Are the straps adjustable? Yes. There is only one strap and it is very adjustable in length and in right to left.

charles hamilton

Hi, Love the look of the side stalker 11 just what I've been looking for as you can see i got one but I'm left handed is that going to be a problem. Thank-you Ross. Ross, The Side Stalker II can be setup for right hand or left hand. Let us know what you want when you order and we will make sure it is setup properly when we ship it out. If needed, it is something you can do yourself. Larry

Ross Dickinson

as always its nice to see Larry and Janice again. drove 130mi to buy the side stalker II quiver from them, very happy . would recommend Lost Nation Archery for any traditional archery needs.

Walt Hammond

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