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Galaxy Sage three piece takedown recurve. An economical bow for those just starting in traditional archery with plenty of features. Radius rest allows shooting off the shelf. Free setup including rest, nock point, and rubber whisker silencers.


Right/Left/Limbs Only

Draw Weight

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I love the look of the sage by Samick it has a good look and is an excellent bow. I bought one at a local gunshow and fell in love with it the only problem is I have no idea which limbs to upgrade to. I also wish to get a couple more for my friends to buy. I love the the feel of the bow in my hand and the eas to change limbs.

Christopher Hall

bought 1 for myself and my son adopted it, But I didn't mind because it was a bit weak for mebut it is the best for the money considering you can go up or down in weight by changing the limbs and not have to get a whol new bow. As well the limbs are easy enough t swap out.

Chris Hall

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