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Flemish Strings - B55

Hand made Flemish twist strings. Here at Lost Nation Archery we twist stings in a construction that allows the loops to be expandable in size, fitting most recurves and longbows equally. The loops will open up to fit the limb tip yet they pull tight when the bow is braced. This allow us to keep most sizes in stock. Comes in one inch increments. Most strings are a combination of Brown, and Black. For special orders, add $1.00 per string. Specify actual string length.

B55 material is safe on all older, non fast flight bows. Very similar to B50 and B500.



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Is Flemish Strings - B55 safe to use on my Hungarian Recurve Horse Bow? My bow is 45#. The B55 material is safe but most horst bows require much larger loops than we make. We can find a string maker who can help you out if you call us at 888-800-7880. Larry

Vivien Britton

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