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Carbon Express Heritage Carbon Arrows

The Carbon Express Heritage shaft has long been popular with traditional bowhunters. With the wood grain apearance, BuffTuff finish, .005 straightness and weights of of 9.1, 10.1, and 10.2 grains per inch for the 90, 150, and 250 it is not hard to see why. Sizes 90 (.588 spine), 150 (.495 spine) and 250 (.391 spine).

Lost Nation arrows are three fletched, left helical with Trueflight feathers. Wraps may be added for the cost of wraps.



Shaft Size


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My son and I have been shooting these arrows Traditionally for years , these shafts hold up , I have a dozen and a half 90s which fly out of my 55# bows at 29 3/4 W/145G points fletched and ready for the 2015 3 D season. That's a nice price .

Pete Onesti

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