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Bohning Classic Index Nocks

Bohning Classic nocks with indexer. The indexer makes it possible to nock your arrows with the cock feather out without ever looking at the arrow. Slightly larger throat than Snap-On nocks. Colors: Yellow, Black, White, Red, Orange, Lime.





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I ordered some arrows from Lost Nation and they are beautiful, Easton Legacy 1916 aluminum arrows with red barred hen feathers and a traditional cock feather and red Bohning classic nocks. I have begun practicing with these arrows and I am noticing the nock fits loosely on my string (Bear Grizzly) occasionally an arrow will actually fall off during my draw. I have other arrows and nocks that my local archery shop set me up with; they seem to fig more snugly and almost snap on. Might I have ordered the wrong nocks when I got my arrows? Otherwise I could not be happier with the look and performance of the Legacy's. Thanks Lost Nation. I am not complaining, just asking. The AAE Z nocks are slightly tighter than Bohning Classic nocks. Please contact us via email or a phone call if you would like to explore options for fixing your arrows. Larry

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