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Bear Takedown in Bubinga

Fred Bear’s original TakeDown is believed to be the finest traditional bow ever built by Bear® Archery, and it now comes in your choice of Bubinga or black maple. Options include A or B riser, and #1 or #3 limbs making it possible to get your bow in 56”, 60” or 64” AMO. Dynaflight 97 flemish twist string, inlaid compass and legendary latch system. RH 35-70 lbs. LH 35-70#.

Some models in stock. Allow 12-16 weeks for special orders.





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Do you have this bow??? Bear Takedown, B-Riser, #3 Limbs, RH, 40# (full Bubinga, riser and limbs) Chris, A few weeks ago we were able to get this bow shipped immediately from a distributor, but I do not have it in stock.

Chris Albert

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