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Bear Super Kodiak Maple

In 1967 Bear replaced the venerable Kodiak with the Super Kodiak. Today this legendary bow is available in 60" and a beautiful combination of black and brown maple. This bow comes with a Bear hair rest and a DF97 flemish twist string in black and tan. Limited supply in stock. Call for details



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sweet bow 60lb really puts some zip on your ball!

jim robinson

Started in late 70s with a BSK at 55lbs. Purchased another at 60 lbs in the late 1990s. Still shooting it. They are smooth, fast, durable and good looking.

Stan Asby

Ordered this bow and it was at my door in two days!! 8 week backorder at the "mega" archery stores. Beautiful looking and a great shooter. Excellent personal service. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Matt Baker

Purchased a Bear Super Kodiak and I absolutely love it. Beautiful and a great shooter. Bow was 2 days from ordering to my door step! Currently an 8 week back order from the Mega" archery stores. Great personal service and knowledgeable staff. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

Matt Baker

I've owned three of these bows in different draw weights. I love this bow. It's extremely smooth, well made, and accurate. I use the 60# draw with for hunting as well as the #50 one. But, to be honest with you the #50 bow can do almost everything you need and it's a gem to shoot. I also have this same bow in #40 that I use in indoor archery shoots during the winter. This bow is awesome. I also have a #45 Grizzly that I bought years ago. I mastered that bow and then I moved up into this bow. It's a beautiful bow and it shoots as well as it looks.


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